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  • Atin Sharma

The origin of Fridge Comcis

One day in 2019, I picked up a pack of markers from the office stationery only to realize that none of them was a permanent ink marker. From the point of view of a wet lab researcher, it was a waste. But I already had it in my hands, I wondered what could I do with it? So, I decided to use it somewhere I didn't need it to stay for long and could easily rub it off when needed.

There was a ThermoScientific Russian doll on the lab fridge and I drew a face on it. It was not really funny, but I let it stay. A few days later, I added some expression and dialogue to it and it turned into a comic. My labmates, when passed that fridge, laughed at it and appreciated me for my wit. My PI found it amusing and suggested that I put new ones frequently. I didn't know if I was that funny, but I agreed to put a new one whenever I could think of one.

A few days later, there was a new comic and, then there was a new comic next week as well. My labmate remarked that I should be sharing it with more people who would appreciate the nerdy humour and boom - Fridge Comics was born on Instagram.

Now, if you think about it, the name is so uncreative! 'Fridge Comics' is just comics that originated as drawings on a fridge. With time, I learnt basic computer graphics, and though it is no longer drawn on a fridge, the 'Fridge Comics' moniker lives on.

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