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Why a website after 3 years?

To be honest, I never imagined Fridge Comics would continue for this long. Most of the passion projects I started eventually suffered the same fate - lack of time and subsequent death.

I was very content with my silly comics on Instagram and Twitter. Fortunately, an entrepreneur friend of mine once asked me to collaborate with him and design some infographics for his website. And what do you know, I really enjoyed that assignment. Alright, it was a little challenging. Breaking down a scientific concept into an easy to understand form was a great exercise.

Infographic explaining the dangers of antimicrobial resistance
One of the earliest infographics I made for my friends at Amaletix

It was like an epiphany. Afterall, what is science if not communicated to common people for them to appreciate and be a part of it. I decided that Fridge Comics, in addition to silly comics, should be a channel for easy to understand science infographics.

The series of infographics I made for my friends at Amaletix turned out really good. My entrepreneur friends, however, really got me thinking if I would like to expand Fridge Comics. What if I designed infographics not just for myself and my friends but also for other corporations that would probably benefit from explaining their science to common people.

Instagram and Twitter were going good, but to look more professional and to deal with professional clients, I needed a website. Thanks to my same entrepreneur friends, I now have a website. I hope to continue making silly comics and more infographics and really hope to attract some clients!

Fingers crossed! :)

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