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Hi! My name is Atin and I am a molecular biologist. I work as a postdoc in the lab of Andrea Puhar at Umeå University.

I like drawing nerdy comics and 'Fridge Comics' is a way to share those nerdy comics with the world. 

Lately, I have ventured into designing infographics taking Fridge Comics into the important field of science communication. I am actively working with some technology start-ups, helping them convey their science to the world, and I am looking forward to more such collaborations.
If you are interested in communicating your science to the masses, or interested in science illustrations, or just have a great idea for a hilarious nerdy comic,
don't hesitate to contact me!
Bacteria dividing into two cells and the new cells are confused if they are dividing or multiplying

One of the earliest comics!

Ongoing collaborations

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